Today most businesses across the world depend on the electricity provided by government or utility company. However, due to various limitations and valid reasons, they are unable to provide quality power (i.e constant voltage). No more worries now thanks to the Advanced Technology in Voltage Distribution and Regulation by SurajStaar. We empower you with perfect power.

Company’s processes and systems are designed and monitored by professional consultants. As an outcome of this, the owners and employees follow great working culture. Their utmost focus is to take the company to greater heights and develop & deliver excellent products. As a result of this, the buyers have enriching experience and remain as clients forever.


Serving clients since 1996 with wide experience in the field of power correction

Proven technology, with continuous R & D

High efficiency products so huge savings in the long run

Quality is in the core which ensures zero breakdown

No. 1 in customer support (zero downtime)

24 hours turnaround time guaranteed