Best Service!

"We value our customers’ experience. Our centralised air-conditioner was always tripping due to voltage fluctuations, causing inconvenience to our customers. After we installed SurajStaar AVR System, we are happy and our customers are happy shopping with us."

Oscars Junction Supermarket, Majorda-Goa

Very Reliable!

"SurajStaar products are very reliable. Buy and forget, except for annual maintenance."

Hacienda De Goa Resort, Anjuna-Goa

Serving Customers Effectively!

"SurajStaar branded Servo Voltage Stabilizer made our air-conditioners function even at extreme low voltage condition. This helped us serve our customer effectively. We are happy with their services as well."

Margao - Goa

Quality Service!

"We have been regularly buying our Servo Voltage Stabilizers from SurajStaar over the past several years. We are very satisfied with their products and their quality of service."

Infiniti Modules P. Ltd., Pilerne-Goa

Happy Customers!

"We had several issues with our electrical equipments due to extreme low voltage issues. We installed SurajStaar branded AVR System and all our equipment problems are solved. Our customers are happy staying with us."

The Grand Leoney Resort, Vagatore-Goa